April 21, 2024
promote socially desirable behaviors

While beauty standards vary by culture, there are some features that people tend to find attractive across cultures and ages. These include facial symmetry and youthfulness.

A face that appears healthy is also considered alluring, which could explain why rosy cheeks and lips are often regarded as attractive. Even skin tone and smooth texture are important.


While conventional beauty may be a cultural construct, it’s true that some facial traits are consistently perceived as attractive. For example, symmetry—the degree to which one half of the face is exactly the same as the other—is consistently rated as desirable. It seems that the human brain is hardwired to recognise symmetrical faces as a sign of health and vitality, which is why we find them appealing.

Another feature that we find attractive is a smile. Although it’s a temporary expression, people who are smiling are almost always rated as more beautiful than neutral faces—particularly when the smile is combined with direct eye contact. In addition, the eyes are considered a highly expressive part of the face, and they can convey a lot about a person’s emotions. As such, they are a key signalling tool for both women and men.

In fact, researchers have discovered that the way a person smiles can be used to assess their overall health. When women were asked to rate neutral passport photos of men, they found that the higher the score, the stronger the man’s immune system response to hepatitis B vaccination. In contrast, a man with a weaker immune system was rated as less healthy than a man with a strong immune system.

In addition, the size and colour of a woman’s eyes are also associated with her personality. For instance, women with larger upper lips and bushier eyebrows are often viewed as more friendly, helpful and generous than those with smaller upper lips and thinner brows. And while these features are all a matter of personal preference, it’s worth noting that they tend to change over time, similar to fashion trends and body piercing preferences.


In terms of facial beauty, the lips are another feature that can be manipulated to enhance a face’s appearance. Generally, a fuller mouth is considered attractive for both women and men. However, it’s important to note that the perception of what makes a face beautiful is subjective and changes with time. For example, larger lips and bushy brows were once considered unattractive but are now back in fashion. The good news is that if you’re not happy with your natural lips, you can always accentuate them with makeup or henna art.

Lips are considered to be the most important indicator of a person’s health and vitality. That’s why people tend to prefer faces with a healthy complexion and clear skin tone. Additionally, a rosy cheek or lip can subliminally signal that a person has more oxygenated blood which is viewed as attractive.

Another factor that makes a face attractive is its symmetry. It is believed that symmetrical faces are more appealing to both men and women because they imply good genetics and health. However, perfect symmetry is not desirable as it can look “weird” and cause people to avoid the person.

The eyes are also a key factor in determining a face’s attractiveness. For this reason, it’s important to keep your eyebrows and eyelashes clean and neat. It is also a good idea to apply concealer under the eyes to make them appear smaller and brighten up the area. You should also keep them moisturized to prevent dryness and flaking. Lastly, you should wear the right lipstick that suits your style and personality. According to research, wearing the right shade of lipstick can help you feel more confident and attractive.


One of the most common facial features that people consider attractive are prominent cheekbones. These are formed by the zygomatic bones which are located underneath the eyes and play an important role in facial structure. A person’s cheekbones can be high or low, depending on their genetic makeup and ethnicity. High cheekbones are also considered more beautiful than low ones, but this is a matter of personal preference.

Many people with slim faces tend to have prominent cheekbones due to their lack of fat. This feature can make a face more attractive, and if it is not overdone, it can be quite natural-looking. Using highlighter to enhance the curve of the cheeks is an easy way to make them more noticeable.

A study conducted by evolutionary biologist Markus Rantala from Turku University found that the attractiveness of a face is related to the strength of the immune system. The researchers studied thirty-six Caucasian female faces, and then altered them to make them either more or less attractive. Then, they showed these faces to college students and asked them to rate them on a scale of one to ten. The results of the study found that women with more attractive faces rated higher than those that were less attractive.

A woman’s beauty is largely based on her eye-catching facial features, and these include her nose, lips, eyes, and cheekbones. These features should all mesh together and create a harmonious appearance. For example, Angelina Jolie’s full lips and immersive eyes, Kate Middleton’s balanced nose, and Milo Ventimiglia’s crooked smile are all attractive features that complement each other well. Similarly, high cheekbones are a classic beauty feature that can be seen in Tyra Banks and Katherine Hepburn, among others.

Facial symmetry

While conventional beauty standards may be subjective and culturally influenced, facial symmetry is one trait that has been consistently found to be attractive across cultures. Several studies have shown that people are more likely to find a face appealing when it has the same amount of symmetrical features on each side as the other. The reason behind this preference for symmetry is not completely understood, but researchers suggest two theories. One theory is that it is easier for the brain to process symmetrical stimuli, which could explain why people prefer symmetrical faces over asymmetric ones. Another theory suggests that humans may have evolved to perceive certain physical traits as more attractive in order to promote socially desirable behaviors such as mate selection and infantile bonding.

If you’re wondering whether your own face is symmetrical, try to look at a photo of it without adjusting the eyes or the mouth and see if you can mark a perfectly level line between each set of two points, such as where one ear begins and where one nose starts. If the lines do not match, it may be a sign of an underlying condition like Bell’s palsy or stroke. A noticeable amount of asymmetry can be corrected with surgery, but it is important to consult with an experienced surgeon.

Although it is not as important as eye color or lips, the sculpted angles and defined contours of the face are what truly make it beautiful. The faces of beautiful women like Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman are all shaped beautifully with a jawline that is strong enough to define the eyebrows and chin. Their face is also symmetrical and has well-balanced features that create a sense of proportion.


The eyebrows play a major role in the overall look of the face. Their shape, thickness and density, as well as their color are all factors in beauty. Eyebrows can be shaped using various methods such as waxing, tweezing or threading. Before you get started with your preferred technique, it’s important to cleanse and exfoliate the area to prevent bacteria from causing irritation. You also want to make sure that the wax or tweezers you’re using are the right temperature. It’s essential to avoid getting the wax or tweezers too hot, as this could cause burns and damage to the skin.

Another factor that plays a significant role in the beauty of a woman’s eyebrows is the length and width. You may prefer an angular eyebrow that frames your eyes with more drama, or a rounded arch that creates a more feminine look. Regardless of the brow shape you choose, it’s important to have them symmetrical.

According to research, people tend to find a face more attractive when the features are in line with socially desirable traits like kindness and contentedness. In addition, the faces of women who smile are rated as being more attractive than those that don’t. The researchers believe that this is because smiling faces evoke a feeling of pleasure.

Although it’s not scientifically accurate, physiognomy is a popular belief that a person’s character and personality can be gleaned from their facial features. It’s a practice that was once used to justify scientific racism, and it’s currently considered a pseudoscience. For example, some people believe that straight eyebrows indicate directness while curved ones indicate friendliness. There is no hard evidence that this belief is true, but it’s still interesting to know that it exists.

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