April 21, 2024


Sex tourism is an alternative way to spend a vacation, where the tourist’s main objective is not the country’s local tourist attractions, but qualified and attractive prostitutes. Every year, more and more women want to spend their holidays with a sexy girlfriend, not only representatives of the stronger sex but also attractive women. The romance of a successful vacation without commitment and at a low price can lift the mood, distract from everyday life, and increase the self-esteem of every vacationer. Therefore, more and more travel companies are expanding their attractive offers to sexually developed countries in Mexican escorts catalog industry.

Best place for sex

Although there are women and men available in almost every country, sexual services are not freely and cheaply available in all places. For this reason, analysts from the online resource “Pander” recommend paying attention to the following destinations, where intimate leisure has reached a special level of development:

The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a top choice for European tourists. Known for its tolerant attitude towards the commercial sex industry, the Czech Republic is the perfect solution for both novice and experienced travelers. The country is famous for its modern brothels and attractive prostitutes. Almost a quarter of the tourism sector’s total revenue comes from the sex industry. You’ll also enjoy the coolest sex parties, a unique museum of sex gadgets, and stunning visual performances of erotic shows.  Czechs themselves also like to attend company parties in brothels and invite prostitutes to evening events.


Hungary is the birthplace of the porn industry. Not much is known about Hungarian prostitutes, but almost all erotic movie lovers know that this country is the birthplace of erotic cinema. That is why fans of high-quality porn come here in the hope of meeting erotic heroes and even participating in additional films. Experienced sex travelers know that finding prostitutes or even arranging a date with a porn star is easy in Hungary, while the prices for these services are affordable.


Ukraine is a low-budget option with elite services. Prostitution is so active in Ukraine that the influx of sex tourists to the country has more than tripled in recent years. There are freelance prostitutes, elite escort agencies, classic brothels, and cheap street prostitutes. However, sex dating sites like Bordelero are considered the best option for a secure connection. On these portals, reliable prostitutes post extensive profiles with photos, videos, and a list of their sexual skills, and customers can browse the offers, select an escort girl, and contact them on the specified phone number All you have to do is


Mexico is the birthplace of Latin American passion. Mexico has long been considered a top destination for intimate tourism, as prostitution is legal throughout the country. The commercial sex industry takes different forms depending on the state. For example, CDMX escorts are beautiful girls with big breasts and hips. These are prostitutes for night parties and trips to the sea. It is also possible to hire an escort girl on the beach and enjoy her company nearby in small private rooms that locals rent for privacy reasons only.

The options described here are also attractive because, unlike Germany and the Netherlands, which are notorious, intimate services come with democratic costs. On average, to spend time with an attractive prostitute she has to pay about 30-50 dollars per hour, but you can also find brides in cheaper categories or on a budget. This does not affect the quality of the service provided. All prostitutes are attractive, well-groomed, and hard-working.

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